Benefits of a beautiful work environment

Beautiful Work Environment

Most of us spend a significant portion of our lives in our offices. The office has become a sort of home away from home. I find that if my home is cluttered and disorganized so am I. Its really difficult to be productive in a messy, unpleasant environment. A beautiful well organized environment is so much better for you, your employees, and your clients.

First Impressions are Important

First impressions really do count. Imagine a prospective new client walks into your offices and its a mess. Piles of papers, coffee cups everywhere, files on the floor. Chaos! This type of environment doesn’t really scream professional and competent. Your prospective new client isn’t seeing your business or your brand at its best. Not at all!

Now imagine your prospective client walking into a beautiful office. They are confronted with a beautiful, neat, and tastefully decorated office. As a client my first impression would be, “This company looks like they have it all together, they can probably handle what I need done.” A beautiful office is definitely putting your best foot forward.

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Uplifts Your brand

Having a beautiful work space uplifts your brand. Just by creating a nice environment you are making a good first impression. It doesn’t need to stop there though. Your office decor should be on brand. You can decorate your office space with the colors of your logo. Hang canvases of your best selling products, and have stationary with your logo printed. All these tweaks don’t take a lot of effort but it will pull your office together.

A well designed office space, with a coordinated palette, and on theme to your logo and products, screams competence. The effort you put into designing a beautiful office, and keeping it that way will be well worth it. Your clients will associate, you and your brand with neatness and competency. The appearance of your work environment matters!

Happy Employees

We know that we work better in a pretty organised environment. It follows that your employees will work better in a beautiful environment too. Tidy room tidy mind. Don’t you think that your employees will be more productive if they feel happy, motivated, and healthy ?

“When your environment is clean you feel happy, motivated, and healthy.”
– Lailah Gifty Akita

As an employee working in a nice environment elevates your work day. It gives an added pride in the company you are working for. A belief in the capabilities of your colleagues and your boss. Setting up an office that is practical and pretty is the first step to creating a great office culture.

Benefits of a Beautiful Work Environment

Eradicates Germs

Flu season! Do I need to say anything more? Flu season is the worst. One person in the office gets sick and it goes around. Till the first person who was sick is sick again. Its truly a vicious cycle, and completely frustrating to both you and your employees. Flu season is disastrous to productivity!

A clean office can office can help to combat the dreaded flu season. Especially if you install an air filtration system when you design and set up your office.

Increases Productivity

So we know that its difficult to be productive in a messy and cluttered environment. Does it follow that its easier to be productive in a clean and tidy environment? Certainly! A clean and tidy environment is conducive to productivity! (It makes you feel like being more productive) You know that feeling, after you have spring cleaned your home? I’m sure you do! That sudden desire to start a project you’ve been meaning to get to! To host a dinner party! That’s your productivity stretching its wings in all the new space you just made for it!

An organised office also helps your employees to be more efficient. Everything in your office should have a designated home. That way there won’t be any extended searches, for staples, paper, files, and a dozen other office necessity’s. They can just be collected from and returned to their designated home! Wonderful!

A well organised office won’t sort out all your problems for you, but it will most definitely prevent some from occurring! So set up a beautiful, organised office from the word go! Prevention is so much better than a cure!

8 thoughts on “Benefits of a beautiful work environment”

  1. These are completely true! Every time I clean up my office space, I feel so inspired to work harder! It helps me focus on my work and not the clutter around me.

    Erika Marie |

    1. Hello Erika, I am so glad you agree! I find I really can’t seem to focus when my work space is not pretty and tidy.

      P.S Your blog is great, I really like the style section! I have followed all your social media accounts

  2. These tips are great and so true! I work so much better when I am in a clean organized environment. Since I work from home now, unfortunately that means cleaning up the house before I sit down to write!

    1. Hey Shannon, I know that feeling. I study at home in my little office and even if my office is clean and the doors are closed I know whats is waiting for me outside ! Which means the whole house needs to be cleaned

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this. As an extremely visually oriented person looks and aesthetics are everything. Some call me shallow but I’m just naturally driven by thinks that look pretty, so a pretty workspace just makes sense! Thanks for sharing 😊!

    1. Hey Marjolein! Thank you, I would disagree with ‘some’ appearance definetly matters! First impressions are based mainly on appearance and we all know how important first impressions are !

  4. So agree with you on having an organized office and getting the germs in control. I should apply these tips to my home office as well !

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