Hello! My name is Rebekah, I am a wife, a friend, an accountant, a student, a homemaker, and a blogger,  which all seems like a fairly short list of things to keep me busy! But seriously my days just seem to flash by, sometimes I feel like I am drowning in busy! Don’t get me wrong I love being busy, but I do also really want a few moments of calm in the storm of busy! An hour or two to curl up in a chair on our beautiful veranda with a good book and enjoy a glass of wine and our beautiful view. We just moved into this idyllic little cottage, that I am so proud to call our new home! I have a few things I want to work on and maybe update a little, but the view is definitely not one of them, its just so peaceful!

My immediate family is small, just myself and my amazing husband and our dogs Zorro and Griffin! Zorro is a GSP (German Short Haired Pointer) I had no clue of the acronym before I got him for Carl’s birthday, but thank goodness!! Imagine repeatedly typing German Short Haired Pointer, as if my days aren’t short enough. Griffin, Griff unless he is in trouble, is a Jack Russel and the cutest little thing!

I realized that my days are just a little bit chaotic, but that I am not willing to drop any of the things that full them to the brim. So I decided to add another? Seriously? What was I thinking …but in all seriousness I did just that. I am a planner and a note maker and writing everything down really helps me to feel more organised and more importantly be more organized.  So I will be blogging about things that it are important to me to keep in order, and that I could honestly just work on, budgeting and finances, home decor and special events, and most of all having it all, a budding career, a beautiful home, a happy young family, and time to enjoy those precious quiet moments of me time, I am definitely a me time person, to me extrovert husband’s horror.

I am the first to admit that I am either drowning in all the things I am trying to handle, or worse ignoring them and feeling more frazzled and hunted as the days fly by, and any hope of guilt free “me time” with them.  So I decided I need to create the life that works for me, so that I can have all the lovely  things that full my life, without being totally overwhelmed and that is where creating my ideal lifestyle comes in. If you are feeling a bit swamped by all the things you wouldn’t trade for the world, well we are paddling in the same boat sister!

If you are looking for any tips or advice to keeping any stray ducks in a row, I would love to share my journey with you.

My favorite post!

I would like to share something wonderful that I read recently. A post that will definitely help you to keep your ducks in a row.  Especially if you want it all, family, home, career, children… this post focuses on creating your own career as a small business owner!  Penned by Jo at According to Jo it is definitely worth a read!

P.S Remember not to burn that candle at both ends.